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Halo for Animals

Promoting adoption from the Sullivan animal control facility

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Halo (Home at Last Organization) for Animals is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization in Sullivan, MO.
 Halo promotes adoption of the dogs and cats in the city of Sullivan's animal control facility (pound).
Halo does not have a shelter. We do not accept pets.
 You are not adopting from Halo, you are adopting from the City of Sullivan.

Contact City of Sullivan Animal Control to adopt during weekdays.
Contact Halo volunteers to adopt on weeknights & weekends when available.




Halo Adoption Events/Dog Walking Schedule
SCHEDULE MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE                                                       
(call to make appointments outside these times)  
Saturday, March 11
at the Sullivan Home & Garden Show

Eagles Hall, 1000 Acid Mine Rd

9am - 3pm